National Judicial Reference System

An initiative by the Income Tax Department, Goverment of India

About NJRS

About NJRS

National Judicial Reference System (NJRS) has been envisaged as a tool to achieve efficiency in the tax litigation process of Income Tax Department (ITD). NJRS will enable ITD in the following ways:

  • Efficient Litigation Management
  • Tracking and monitoring of Appeals at various stages
  • Reduce disputed demand by targeting high demand cases
  • Decision Support
  • Comprehensive Reference System
  • Timely Actions

NJRS is envisaged to provide a mechanism to manage Appeals and Judgments through

  • Appeals Repository & Management System (ARMS) - ARMS is an online repository for all pending appeals at Income Tax Appellate Tribunal (ITAT), High Courts (HC) and Supreme Court (SC).
  • Judicial Research & Reference System (JRRS) - JRRS is a repository of judicial orders as a single, indexed, searchable, cross-linked, database of Judgments / orders of ITAT, Authority of Advance Ruling (AAR), HC and SC.

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About the NJRS logo


The NJRS logo has been conceived with a view to create a visual perception of Knowledge, Transparency and Reliability. The bold, clean font and the choice of a flat colour scheme using red and black colours create this presence.

The red dot is a specific choice in the design language. As the system is a data recording repository of appeals and judgments, the red dot is a visual cue for the "recording" or assimilation of knowledge. This creates an association with audio visual devices which have a similar red icon for recording information.

Finally, black and white colours also represent clarity and eliminate ambiguity, further emphasizing the transparency that this system holds.