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discover Ho Chi Minh City

Visiting Notre Dame Cathedral, the city post office, free iced tea and stay at best hotels in Ho Chi Minh City… is what will make you love the land Saigon than ever. Many people think that social capital Saigon, prosperous and luxury, because you will have to pay for most things or services you want to use. However, let’s ignore that and go through 8 eyeballs totally free that you can experience the most dynamic city in Vietnam.
Hear concerts in the City Theatre
Every Saturday or Sunday at 8h15 – 9h30, a music concert will be held regularly in front of City Theatre of money. You will have the opportunity to enjoy so many genres of music or hilarious variety show, stirred up a beautiful weekend morning.
Iced tea sidewalk
In Saigon, cool drinks bar is almost free in most popular shop. Especially when they are not serving pre-calculate-average water in some roadside or certain street corner. Initially, this beautiful action appears only in some places, but the current average number of free iced tea is growing more and more in line as Ly Thai To (District 10), Vo Van Tan (District 3) in hot days. Not a few people or students working poor, students had to mean free iced tea, drink a few sips to relieve the sultry summer afternoons.
Taste want to buy food
One of the things tourists in Saigon impression is that you can enjoy free fruit, jam cake before the invitation is to buy from the seller.
You could walk round Ben Thanh Market and a variety of food tasting dried fruit or sweets jam without spending a dime. Surely “God” still gets warm smile, that kicks solicitation of sales, rather than angry or unsettled. If ingenuity, you can also try to be all kinds of fresh fruit and low bid prices quoted more than that.
City map will be a useful tool for the exploration of interesting that Saigon. You can easily get them at the hotel reception desk or Tan Son Nhat airport, City Post Office … Use city map, combined with the travel guide books and online search engines to have an exciting tour in the digital era offline.
Strolling around Notre Dame 
Notre Dame Cathedral was built up in 3 years and completed in 1880. All materials are transported from France to service the building. Today, the building retains the quaint old definition, is the most attractions of Ho Chi Minh City.
This is not only familiar rendezvous of many young people into Saigon, next to coffee pans, Turtle Lake, but also the location of the wedding photography to couples No 1. Every Sunday morning, sitting in front of Notre Dame Cathedral and see the couple getting married, you will feel it was very peaceful. Located on the left side Notre Dame Cathedral, City Post Office is also a destination for free that most tourists are visiting Saigon. As one of the typical architectures of a combination between elegant European style with oriental decorative, it is also the work of last lease write in Vietnam, prompting many visitors Tours curious discovery.
Free hugs
Saigon is one of the few where regular maintenance of the festival’s warm embrace, where strangers give each other loving sentiments did little shy – Free Hugs. Derived from abroad, the festival “free hugs” this only gradually shaped the past few years is still relatively new to many people.
However, a hug that bring smiles and comfort the spirit of what concerns you not done right. And you do not have to pay the same fee for the joy that you will be warm.
Public Toilets ‘5-star’
has been put into use at 3 points are Tao Dan Park, 23/9 and Le Van Tam, each priced toilet 800-1 billion with an area of 60m2 with good quality equipment has left many pretty impressive for users and visitors. The service works extremely well-funded enterprises should completely free, will give you the perfect impression of a modern Saigon, friendly and open.

visit Mai Chau and Ha Long Bay

Stilt houses border both sides of the roads. The houses are quite large with palm leaf roofs and polished bamboo-slat floors. The kitchen is located in the center of the house; the cooking as well as the making of the colorful tho cam, the material used by Thai minority to make their clothes, takes place in the kitchen. The windows are large and decorated with patterns. Each house also has a pond to breed fish.
The Sunday market brings a lot of people into town. People from different minorities living in the mountains come to Mai Chau market to sell their specific products: honey, bananas, corn, and tho cam made by skilled Thai women. The Sunday market is also an occasion to enjoy traditional Thai dishes and to participate in traditional dances.
Mai Chau can be a base for some trekking tours to the villages around, this is with homestay overnight on the traditional houses of the H”Mong and the Thai. Worth a guided trekking tour there. Hoa Binh is a mountainous province located in the North. It is bordered by Son La in the West, Phu Tho and Ha Tay in the North, Ha Nam and Ninh Binh in the East, and Thanh Hoa in the South. The culture of Hoa Binh combines six minorities with their own languages, traditional literature, and festivals. Tourists especially enjoy the minority specialty dishes including rice cooked in bamboo and grilled meat. They also enjoy watching traditional dancing, music performances (bronze, drums, gongs), and Thai minority singing and dancing. The remote minority villages are attractive sites for tourists.
Halong Bay lies in the Gulf of Tonkin to the east of Hanoi. It consists of some 3000 tiny islands which together form a dramatic limestone seascape which is without a doubt Vietnam’s most natural wonder. If you’re in Hanoi after getting Vietnam visa then you simply MUST ensure that you find time for an overnight visit to this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Legend has it that Halong Bay was created when a dragon that lived in the mountains ran to the sea its mighty tail gouged out valleys and crevasses, the areas dug up by its tail became filled with water leaving only the high land visible. Geologists on the other hand blame wind and sea erosion! Visitors who were previously in Thailand will notice a close similarity with the limestone scenery around Krabi on the south west coast.
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Discover Da Nang Vietnam

Da Nang is a familiar place in travelling’s notebook of many visitors all corners of the earth. Recall Da Nang, it is not only a beautiful city with blue see and yellow sunshine, but also a place combines of famous scenes. One of the most special places in Da nang is Hoan Kem D. Locate d in a favorable position, the attractive of Hon kem Da Dung is combined of picturesque scenery and wild original of many standings bulkily in the way’s cliffs. From Da Nang about 100 Km to the west, HoanKem is a naturally border between Que Son district and HiepDuc district of Quang Nam province, where it hides beside Thu Bon river.

Down to a small boat, starting a journey to discover HoanKem Da Dung, the international visitors with Vietnam visa will be surprised by fervid beauty of Chinese ink picture. In the early morning, when ray of light start to flash, the surface of water reflects glittering white, dissolves in rippling waves. The new day restart with dip net, fishing boat. The fishing trade has appeared here since the period started a difficult work. The people of fishing village has closely bounded to river for a long time, work hard and unrewardingly in river watering place. A whole day bobs in water waves, the visitors have just sensitized all of simple casual views of a fishing village along the river. Sunset, when streak of sunny stretches away on standing bulkily in the way’s cliffs is at the time Hoan Kem displays its charms. No coincidence that people get attached to the name” Da Dung” in the “Hon Kem d Dung”. The four sides are great effort mountains, the visitors on boat pass across here has felling lost in the wild of vast heaven. Thu Bon river bends over the mountains, has been blocked by HoanKem Da Dung. The ranges of mountains like a wall obscures vision lead to HoanKem separates from outside space. Therefore, HoanKem brings a contemplative mysterious view. Behind the cliff, we can only see few houses and mulberry farms crouch in gloaming. On moonlit nights, outstrips real life, HoanKem draps over lonely and quiet. Visitors seem to sink in infinitum space of highland. Go to HoanKem Da Dung, everyone will feel serenity and peace.
HoanKem is known not only intriguing place but also a place where keeps many of traces of the primitive sanctuary. On the rockets project at the edge of a cliff, the acient inscription of Sa Huynh- Champa’s culture still not fade. The people often put sacrificial offerings on the rocks to express sincerely reverent and hope that the Divine will safe their life. Hoankem always contains memories af a faraway like that.

Through dow and up periods, HoanKem Da Dung still intact the inherent simplicity, where the people’ s life has dissolved in flow of gentle Thu Bon river. The visitors come to HoanKem Da Dung do not forget retain for them the preposition of emotion with the simplicity and wild of landscape. Around XuanHuong lake, there are pine forests, laws and flower gardens. This is places that tourists like stroll or carriage when visiting Da Lat city. Xuan Huong Lake is an artificial lake, about 5km in circumference. The lake is shaped like the crescent moon with nearly 7km passing many tourist destinations such as city flower garden, Yersin Park, Doi Cu. Lake is upstream of Cam Ly waterfall, the heart of Da Lat city and one of the rare cities which have the lake located at center. It is not only famous toponym but also tourist destination quite interesting that creates the character for Da Lat.